408/428 Style Telemetry Cable

408/428 Style Telemetry Cable

ST Series telemetry cable transmits analog signal and seismic signal under various environments and climatic conditions, which is suitable for land and shallow water use in the fields.

●  408UL Style  / 428XL Style optional.

● ST+ and WPSR Style optional.

● 408UL Style Link End Section / 408UL Style Transverse Cable / 408UL Style Link Intermediate Section / 408UL Style WPSRLR Transverse Cable are available.

428XL ST+ Style Link 1 to Link N / 428XL WPSR Style Link 1 to Link N are available.

●   Stable Electrical Performance.

●   Strong mechanical Performance.

●   Wide range of ambient temperatures.

●   Portable use & maintenance.

●  End Section/Intermediate Section/Transverse Cable available.

Click here and download data sheet of telemetry cable.

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