Hydrophone 10Hz

Hydrophone 10Hz

Hydrophones of YS-25 and YS-35 are piezoelectric sensors for prospecting purpose in swamp, transition zone, river and shallow sea. The product is small size, stable and high sensitivity for output and non-directional receiving. Its high temperature injection molding seal structure makes it better for water proof and its tail suspension wire’s design makes it more suitable for field wiring.

The YS-25 and YS-35 hydrophones are entirely molded polyurethane units that eliminates water leakage and also prevents water from migrating down the cable into the body of the hydrophone.

●Hydrophone Cable: Water blocked cable, O.D.7.8mm to 12.5mm.

Waterproof Connector: 408 Style ULS Cable Connector, Screw Fit KCK Connector, Screw Fit KCL Connector are optional.

● Cable Length: 1m, 3m, 5m, 10m or Custom Length as per Clients' Request.

● 12 / 24 / 48 Hydrophone Cable Streamer Available upon Request.

● MP25-11 Style Hydrophone, MP25-14 Style Hydrophone and P44A Style Hydrophone are available.

● Maximum Working Depth: 100m.

Click here and download data sheet of 10Hz hydrophones.

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