Geophone Strings for Land,Marsh and Transition Zone

Geophone Strings for Land,Marsh and Transition Zone

I. Applications:

For geophysical seismic exploration, geological survey and other geological exploration.

II. System Compatibility:

1) Sercel 408UL , 428XL, 508XT and Geospace GSR, Fairfield, Wireless and other wired and wireless seismic data acquisition instruments.
2) Geometrics, Summit and other geology survey instruments.

3) Geophone element could be replaced by SM-24 , SG-10, GS-20DX,GS -32CT and other type of mainstream geophone elements.

III. Configurations:

1) Wiring with 1X1, 3X1, 3X2, 6X1, 6X2 optional.
2) Geophone array for land and geophone array for Marsh and Transition zone selectable.
3) Custom leader wire type applicable.
4) Push fit geophone connector and Screw fit geophone connector optional.


1) Suitable Working Field : plain, hill, mountain, desert, snow field, marsh and transition zone, etc.
2) 20 meters' waterproof for marsh array and 1 meter's waterproof for land array.

3) Compact structure, small size, light weight and easy maintenance.

V.Geophone Array Types:

Detaield types of geophone array / geophone string selectable are as follows: single geophone 1hz,single geophone 2hz,single geophone 2.5hz, single geophone 3hz, single geophone 4hz, single geophone 4.5hz(SM-6 B coil 4.5hz equivalent geophone), geophone array 4.5hz(SM-6 B coil 4.5hz equivalent geophone), geophone array 8hz(SM-4 8hz equivalent geophone and 20DX-8hz equivalent geophone available), geophone array 10hz(SM-24,10hz equivalent geophone, SM-4,10hz equivalent geophone,20DX-10hz equivalent geophone,32CT equivalent geophone and SG-10 equivalent geophone available),geophone array 14hz(SM-4,14hz equivalent geophone and 20DX-14hz equivalent geophone available),geophone array 40hz(SM-4,40hz equivalent geophone and 20DX-40hz equivalent geophone available), geophone array 60hz(SM-4,60hz equivalent geophone and 20DX-60hz equivalent geophone available) and geophone array 100hz.

Other sorts of geophone array and geophone string available upon request.

Click here and download data sheet of geophone strings.

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