GS-20DX Style Geophone Sensor

GS-20DX Style Geophone Sensor

The GS-20DX equivalent digital grade geophone is compatible with all field data acquisition system. All operating parameters are confirmed with computerized test system during the manufacturing process. The 20DX classic digital grade geophone is the industry standrd. Its rugged design with pigtail construction ensures relability and data integrity in field conditions.

●  Industry standard for cost effectiveness, quality and reliability.

●  Typical spurious response greater than 250Hz.

●  5% frequency and damping tolerance for minimum phase shift.

●  Waterproof land and marsh case require no poting and provide easy access to basic units.

●Choice of three standard natural frequencies (8Hz, 10Hz,14Hz,28Hz,40Hz,60Hz and 100Hz).

● 3-year limited warranty on geophone elements exclusive of high voltage, lightning or physical abuse.

Other sorts of geophones available upon request.

Click here and download data sheet of 20DX geophones.

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