SM-4 Style Geophone Sensor

SM-4 Style Geophone Sensor

The SM-4 equivalent geophone element (ST-8N/ST-10N/ST-14N/ST-28N/ST-40N/ST-60N/ST-100N) is designed for low weight, long field-life,and ultra reliable performance.Precision engineered components and computerized test equipment ensure consistency in manufacture and operation throughout and beyond the limited replacement guarantee period of three years.

●  Precision machine, rotating coil design.

●  Precious metal contacts for consistent reliable &prolonged field performance.

●Choice of three standard natural frequencies (8Hz, 10Hz,14Hz,28Hz,40Hz,60Hz and 100Hz).

●  Vertical and Horizontal elements available for 3-C applications.

For 2-D and 3-D seismic exploration with bandwidth from 10Hz up to 190Hz.

3-year limited warranty on basic element exclusive of high voltage, lightening or physical abuse.

Other types of geophones available upon request.

Click here and download data sheet of SM-4 equivalent geophones.

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