Three - Component (3C) Geophone

Three - Component (3C) Geophone

3-component geophone ( 3C geophone ) ranging from 4.5hz to 100hz available. With KCK connector, KCL connector, 408 connector, Kooter connector, MP16 connector, Split spring connector and Mueller clip connector available.

Detailed 3C Geophones selectable are as follows: 3C geophone 4.5hz, 3C Geophone 5hz, 3C geophone 8hz, 3C geophone 10hz, 3C geophone 14hz, 3C geophone 15hz, 3C geophone 28hz, 3C geophone 40hz, 3C geophone 60hz and 3C geophone 100hz.

SM-6 B coil 4.5hz equivalent geophone(ST-4.5N), SM-4 equivalent geophones (ST-8N,ST-10N,ST-14N,ST-28N,ST-40N and ST-100N),SM-24 10hz equivalent geophone(ST-10PN), 20DX geophones(ST-20DX 8hz, ST-20DX 10hz,ST-20DX 14hz, ST-20DX 28hz, ST-20DX 40hz and ST-20DX 100hz), 32CT equivalent geophone(ST-32CT),SG10 equivalent geophone (ST-10PG) are also available.

Click here and download data sheet of 3 component geophone.

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